Welcome to the Shock of the Hour! – A Great ‘Bomb of Truth’ has Hit our Planet and is Shocking the Globe: The Rulers of this World can no longer hide the Reality that ‘Jesus the Christ’ is a Blackman from America

We All Must Make the Ultimate Decision


A Special Message from ShockoftheHour.com Editor, Brother Aaron X

Through the articles, products, video clips and additional information posted on this site, ShockoftheHour.com was created to help prove to our website visitors the following Shocking Realities:

1) America is in fact the Modern Rome of the Scriptures,

2) Influential members of the Jewish Community (Modern Scribes, Pharisees, Rabbis & Money Changers) are conspiring with the U.S. government to prevent the Rise of the Messiah,

3) The Jesus spoken of in the New Testament of the Biblical Scriptures was a sign of ‘The Christ’ prophesied to come at the end of Satan’s world.  That future Jesus talked about, ‘the Christ’, is now Present and was Raised from a dead people, the Black man and woman of America. And,

4) Minister Louis Farrakhan is the Chief Disciple of Christ and has been anointed by Him to be His Representative.

On the Road to help Build the Kingdom of God on Earth,

Brother Aaron X, ShockoftheHour.com


“… When God comes, His presence in the world is a declaration of war. It is written that on the coming of God, He will uproot the wicked and leave them neither root nor branch. If something is plucked up by the root, it will never grow again. The clashing of these two worlds puts the people in the valley of decision. Once the truth is made known to you, then you must decide which world you want to be a part of. If Satan’s world is exposed and Satan, himself, is exposed, do you want him for your friend? You’ve got to make a decision that nobody can make for you. Your life is the sum total of the decisions that you make, and this is the most important decision in your life.”

– Excerpts from The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Speech The Ultimate Decision:  Will You Choose God’s World or Satan’s? (Finalcall.com)


ShockoftheHour.com is Un-Covering the Great War!

Continue to Tune-in to Witness the Countdown to the Greatest Event in the History of the World

The Shock of the Hour!

We encourage you to visit the Official Website of the Nation of Islam to learn more about

the Life Giving Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad at www.noi.org

For news and information the will most definitely change your life, including articles from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and His National Representative the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, as well as many other inspired writers, we encourage you to visit the Final Call Newspaper’s website at www.finalcall.com.

Thank You for visiting Shockofthehour.com, where we are Uncovering the Great War Between God & Satan.

If you benefited from your visit, please pass it on!

Shock of the  Hour Staff

Editor, Brother Aaron X

Senior Writer, Brother Ahmed  X



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