The Conspiracy of the International Bankers

“We are contributing to our own destruction by not waking up to see what is going on around us.  And here I am, just one man with truth in my mouth and love of God and love of you in my heart, and as I rise up to tell the truth; America says he’s a hater, he’s a bigot, he’s an anti-Semite, don’t listen to him.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan describes the Hijacking of Democracy and The Takeover of America by wicked financial elites through the Federal Reserve Bank and the manipulation of Money, War and Power

                Flashback speech review by Bro. Aaron X

 “America as we speak is in deep trouble.  She’s burdened with tremendous debt and, as in any family when a husband and wife are burdened with debt, that kind of stress begins to undermine the internal workings of the house.  If that is so as individuals, it is equally so with a nation.”

“Anytime you are in debt you give up some of your sovereignty and you give up a measure of your own natural resources to pay back the debt…”

On April 1, 1995, during his national tour to galvanize Black men for the mobilization of the Million Man March, Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam delivered an informative and eye opening speech to a capacity crowd in Springfield, MA.

Titled The Conspiracy of the International Bankers: The Takeover of America, Minister Farrakhan details the consistent hijacking of American democracy by a shadow government of financial elites who dictate the policies of nations through the manipulation of money, war and power:

“You vote for a president and you think he’s the man in power…All these people that you think have real power that are seen, and there are some unseen forces that are known by a few, but the masses do not know who is pulling the strings.”

“Those who study Constitution know that, in the Constitution, only Congress has the right to print money, the instruments of credit…

Thomas Jefferson and these persons knew that to see the central bank of the country go out of the grasp of the legitimate government of the people would be worst than facing standing armies.  Because when you face a standing army you face an enemy that you can see.  But when somebody is controlling your finances and got power to deflate the money, inflate the money, got power to create a downturn or an upswing.  At their whim send the stock market up or down, increase interest or decrease it, and you can’t say nothing?  Then power is not in your hands.  So to give you the right to vote for somebody that is not the real power is a hypocrisy, is a deception, is Satanic!”

“You think you’re fighting for democracy, a ‘war to end all wars’, let peace rain in the earth;  This is the tricky language that the wise and wicked use to trap the poor and the weak.”

“I want you college students to go and study this because all your knowledge of economics and finance is worthless if you don’t know the root of this thing.”

Listening to this lecture would most definitely help the American people connect the dots to the following questions:

  • Could America’s federal debt, which has skyrocketed over the past 100 years, be the result of a deliberate plan to bankrupt the Treasury of the United States government?
  • Who would benefit from such a plan and take over the public assets of America?
  • Is the social and political unrest affecting American families and communities an accident or designed by social engineers aimed to destabilize the country?  Who would benefit?
  • Where does the money come from when a broke nation borrows money to go to war?
  • Who are the bankers that wax rich financing both sides of a military conflict?  Are these same money barons (the hidden hand) that beats the drums of war inside America today?

The Minister also touched on the political debate raging in Congress in 1995 over guess what, the national budget and federal debt:

“To hear Newt Gingrich and Senator Dole and the Republicans talk about cutting back welfare as though we have been the burden on the society.  To talk about welfare reform is one thing, but to talk about the removal of a safety net on families that need help; that is cold and heartless.  To cut back programs that are necessary to get young people moving in a proper direction. To make young people and poor people and the elderly suffer for government’s mismanagement of resources is wicked.  Welfare is not the problem.  Headstart is not the problem.  Entitlement programs that help young people to go to college is not the problem.”

The Minister then asked, “What is the real problem and who is the real problem?”

To better understand the context of the world in which we NOW live, I must bear witness that nothing has helped this reviewer connect the historic dots better than The Conspiracy of the International Bankers:  The Takeover of America by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.

This double DVD would be a great investment towards anyone’s portfolio of knowledge.


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