President Obama, the Black Agenda & Satanic Forces Running American Politics

(  The phenomenal rise of  Barack Obama to become the 44th President of the United States shook the known world. But media analysts, journalists and pundits, both mainstream and alternative, have failed to answer the who, what, when, where and why, of his ascension to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to sit in the Chief Executive’s seat at the White House.

Order the Synagogue of Satan by Ashahed MuhammadAn astounding number of Black Leaders have also failed to properly assess the meaning of this black man, Brother Obama, managing the house of our historical Enemy and former Slave Master.

We have watched, and read of, the infighting between Tavis Smiley and Professor Cornel West with the Rev. Al Sharpton, along with the Congressional Black Caucus and numerous Black activists, pastors and journalists…all over Obama.  Many Black families have argued over the significance of the president as well.

What is the Value of President Barack Obama? How should Americans, Black Leaders and the Black Electorate view him? What are the risks if we misjudge and mishandle him?

The Ultimate Answer to these questions must be based on Divine Calculation, and is going on the record to declare that the Media, and Black Leaders in particular, have been given divine guidance concerning the President from the mouth of  the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and are deliberately hiding the truth or, in some cases, are blinded to it out of fear, and/or their own low-desires such as greed, envy and in-ordinate self-interests.  In either case, God’s plan for the Salvation of His People is at the center of these peculiar events, and His Will, for the resurrection & rise of Black people in America, will not be frustrated.

With the arrival of the 2012 election season can Black people rise to develop and unite behind a Black Agenda if our leaders and masses of the people fail to understand that American politics is controlled by Satanic forces?

“People say things when they’re running for office because they don’t know the powers that really controls the house that they’re going to live in.  And that’s why Barack Obama is clean, he’s fresh, but the powers are eating at him right now.  The powers that want to control him are at him right now.  And how can he get to be President unless he raises $100 million?  And who of the poor people have $100 million to give him? And who will provide him with the money so he can contend with Mrs. Clinton and her big bank, or [Former NY Mayor] Guilliani and [Senator] McCain and their growing bank?  So the people that bank roll you, they’re the ones that  ultimately call the tune.”  These are the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to Don Lemon of CNN nearly 20 months before Barack Obama took office.

“So what are you saying?” asked Don Lemon.

Farrakhan:  I’m saying that no matter who sits in the white house, if you don’t uproot the structure that corrupts them, you still don’t have a president, you have a figure head, and frankly that’s why Order Minister Farrakhan's Interview with CNN's Don LemonI say America needs a regime change and just like you have to go into the floor where there’s pipes underneath it that break and bust…you’ve got to uproot what’s under the government of the United States of America or the American people will never have what the Constitution guarantees.

CNN:  Do you think Barack Obama can do that?

Farrakhan:  No.  Absolutely not.  He’s a good person.  And he’s looking at this thing with the beautiful heart, the beautiful eye of a beautiful person.  He doesn’t–he knows some of the ugliness of politics, because he’s been in it long enough.

But the real wickedness of the face of politics, you’re looking right into the face of Satan himself….And Satan doesn’t intend to be uprooted by an upstart from Chicago or Mrs. Clinton from New York.

Satan is the boss, this is his world and he can only be uprooted by the One Who is Anointed with power to uproot Satan and that is the Mahdi or the Christ that comes into the world.

CNN:  Then who can do it?  Who can uproot that?

Farrakhan:  I just said it.  None of these!  These are victims of Satanic influence.  Religion is controlled by Satan, that’s why religion is ineffective.  The divisions in the Muslim world, that’s Satanic.  Muslim killing Muslim?  Muslim bombing another mosque of a Muslim, if they did, that’s un-Islamic.  We’ve become so insane because of injustice, that we strap a bomb on our self to go kill a human being who didn’t bother you?  This is madness!

And that’s why the Mahdi or the Christ must come in to the world to clean up religion because the church’s garment is dirty and it needs washing.  The bride groom is coming and the bride has dirtied her garment with adultery because she’s gotten in bed with the world. -End of CNN Excerpt

As we stated, these were the words of Minister Farrakhan 20 months before President Obama was elected.

Now, study the words of Minister Farrakhan in “The Great War”, his speech in March of 2010, nearly 15 months after President Obama’s election, with the internal debate among Black people regarding the presidents performance  becoming public and many Black leaders taking sides:

America has now become a “fascist” country. Do you remember how Senator Huey Long is quoted as saying, “When fascism comes to America, it will be called anti-fascism.”

Fascism is designed, and defined, as an authoritarian political ideology that combines nationalism with a corporatist, economic system. Fascists advocate the creation of a single party. Do you think that the Democrats and the Republicans are different?

Who controls the U.S. Congress? Do you think it’s you? Can you really depend on the Senate and the House of Representatives to represent your interests? They’re in bed with insurance companies. They’re in bed with special interests. And they’re in bed with Israel.

Many of your senators and congresspersons are honorary citizens of Israel, and members of the Knesset control America’s wealth. President Bush was controlled! There’s not a president that is the real power! The real power are those money people! Barack is not in power! How dare you think that he could give you what no other president before him has been able to give you, even if they desired to do it!


The Plan of God for Black People in America involves Brother Barack but it is much bigger than President Obama.  The Fall of America due to God’s Judgement, the destruction of her economic system and her civilization dieing of a moral rot, was all foretold to us by Minister Farrakhan’s teacher, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and the Minister has been a faithful Warner concerning the manipulation of American politics for decades:

“You vote for a president and you think he’s the man in power…All these people that you think have real power that are seen, and there are some unseen forces that are known by a few, but the masses do not know who is pulling the strings…So to give you the right to vote for somebody that is not the real power is a hypocrisy, is a deception, is Satanic!,” Minister Farrakhan said in his classic 1995 speech, The Conspiracy of the International Bankers:  The Takeover of America.

Now, lets speed it up to today’s time.  In his 2012 Saviours’ Day address on February 26th to over 15,000 people at the United Center in Chicago and thousands more watching via internet webcast, Minister Farrakhan asked the audience, “Do you know how much America has paid to push the Neo-Conservative agenda from The Synagogue of Satan?”

“See, you’ve got to understand Satan! I’ve got to “hip you” to this Wicked One!”

According to The Final Call Newspaper, in that same speech regarding the dire economic condition of America, Minister Farrakhan stated:

“I don’t wish to be on “the opposite side” of my brother Barack Obama, who is the president of the United States of America. However, when he said in his State of The Union address on January 24, 2012 that: “… America is back. And anyone who tells you that America is in decline, or that our influence has waned, doesn’t know what they’re talking about. …” I must take issue with this.

I want to say to my dear brother [President Obama]:  What you are saying is that you and your administration have the power to make God’s prophets liars. It is not that we, alone, are saying that “America is in decline”—the prophets of God have said it, prophesied of it; and the world is now seeing it. And for our president to act as though this is “not real,” that is being delusional, and disallows him as president to tell the American people the truth; that he may unite them on the basis of that truth to correct the existing problems of this nation. So, I guess the duty falls on us to tell the truth to the American people.”


We’re going to put the brakes on Part I of this series right here.  We want you to digest this material.  Listen dear brothers and sisters, we will never be able to unite and will continue as a deceived people if we fail to realize that American politics is controlled by Satan’s Synagogue:  To develop a Black Agenda we must know this.

Stay Tune for Part II as we help expose the wicked schemes and operations of the Synagogue of Satan through facts, research, history, scripture and the words of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to prove that Black people are sitting on the brink of the pit of hell and we will fall in with America without Minister Farrakhan’s guidance.

To be continued:

( Editorial written by Aaron X & Ahmed X)