An Open Memo to Chicago’s Black City Council Members

In the Name of Allah (God) the Beneficent, the Merciful

August 22, 2011

To the Black City Council Members of the City of Chicago

Greetings and Peace Be Unto You,

As Council Members and Black leaders of this great city, I have much love for you and respect the difficult position and responsibility you bear.  With all sincerity I pray that no one will ever be able to say with truth that they witnessed me making any personal attacks or participating in any secret counsels against you.  As a believer in the teachings of all of God’s prophets and messengers and as a follower of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad under the leadership of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, it is my fear of God and my love and duty to His People that I write this open memo to you:

Minister Farrakhan, the Servant of Elijah Muhammad and National Representative of the Nation of Islam, has made dozens of speeches giving guidance to the Black political, spiritual and business establishment of Chicago. After watching this year’s Keynote Address to the pastors of the American Clergy Leadership Conference held at Rev. T.L. Barrett’s Church, the crowd could not help but bear witness that even at 78 years young, the Minister is still a warrior for Justice and God continues to grow him spiritually in wisdom, strength and power.

I’m 32 years old, and seeing the dire condition that Black Chicago is facing today in 2011 and knowing the wickedness of the enemies of Black people in this city, I sometimes get teary eyed when listening to Minister Farrakhan’s Chicago speeches throughout the 80s and 90s, wondering what condition our communities would be in if it were not for this man’s presence among us.

Bless Us with a Sign

As a community strategist and Director of BlackXodus Development Corporation, myself and many others independents heading towards the battlefield for Justice, are looking for a clear sign from Chicago’s Black City Council Members as to whether or not you are with us or against us in this economic, political and spiritual warfare against the known, unknown and soon to be exposed enemies of our people.

When developing and executing a plan (whether on the battlefield of politics, economics or even athletics), any experienced strategist will bear witness to the increased difficulty factor in achieving victory when the loyalty of certain individuals on the team becomes suspect from a lack of trust.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us that “America has disillusioned black people in the same way as a master quarterback must hide the football, make you think the halfback’s got it, make you think the fullback’s got it, make you think that somebody else got it, then he craftily waits for his opening and then moves on to make a touchdown.”

Within the American political system, Chicago politics especially, deception and illusions are poisonous venom bred within the D.N.A. of national, state, and local government and these traits have manifested a toxic environment in the body politics of today’s society. This saturated state of toxicity has put the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the people in danger, especially those with limited access to the lifeline of money and resources and are disconnected from people in power.

You know, as well as I, that the Black Community has certain internal problems that can only be solved by us and we must accept the responsibility to address them honestly and sincerely. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has produced a total of 21 study guides titled, Self-Improvement: The Basis for Community Development. These study guides properly diagnose many problems and prescribes guiding medicine to help heal many of our internal issues. However, in these wonderful guides of self-help, the Minister does not remain silent on the cause and effect of living in a society poisoned by White Supremacy.

In my own words, White Supremacy is a belief system, societal structure, and method of operations administered by human beings of any race that strives to uphold and maintain the dominance of the White Race by any means necessary. White Supremacy has an adverse affect on both Black and White, while weaving a Black Inferiority Complex into the fabrics of society.  None can deny that the political social-economic systems of the City of Chicago has been historically poisoned by White Supremacy and administered by political leaders who have diverted resources while simultaneously using divide and conquer tactics to maintain control and suck the life blood of the Black Community. Any strategist, politician, spiritual leader or otherwise must help locate and eliminate the source of this poison if we are sincere about the business of uplifting Black Communities not only in Chicago, but across the globe.

If you fall ill from food poisoning your body begins to malfunction:  You’re in pain and it’s hard to digest any solid food until the poison is eliminated.  If the poison is not eliminated you may become paralyzed, your immune system can be compromised, and other vital organs may shut down.

One of the symptoms of elected officials whose mind has been poisoned by White Supremacy is they tend to blame the victims paralyzed in a system designed to hold them down but remain silent when its time to point out the snake or spider that has bit them, trapped them, and is now getting fat eating their flesh and sucking their blood.

In an August 20th Sun-Times article, city hall reporter Fran Spielman quoted excerpts from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s interview analyzing his first 100 days in office. Discussion topics included budget issues, labor issues, casino’s, etc. The new mayor mentioned he was having a blast. Despite receiving an overwhelming majority of the Black vote, (which helped secure an easy victory to win the mayor’s seat and saved him millions of dollars by avoiding a run-off election) when discussing upcoming priorities there was no mention of Chicago’s devastated Black Communities.

Speaking on this online, I wrote in the comments section of this article:

Question for the Sun Times, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Staff:  Which one of you is guilty of wanting to maintain a system of White Supremacy in the City of Chicago?  Is it Mayor Emanuel for not mentioning his priority of using his office to help reverse the socio-economic policies of both Daley Administration’s that contributed to the devastation of Black Communities?  Is it Mayor Emanuel’s advisers telling him it’s not good politics to speak on these issues?  Or did the Mayor speak on his priority of helping to reverse this devastation but this subject matter is not a priority for the Sun Times so you refused to print it, regardless of how many Black people purchase your paper?  Where is the outrage from Black Caucus Chairman Howard Brookins Jr. and the Black City Council Members that this topic was omitted? 

In my second comment I added:

According to statistics, Black people lead in every field that will cause the devastation of a community including crime, poverty, malnutrition, and illiteracy. Concerning this reality, one must either think:

1) Black people are mentally, morally and biologically inferior to the other races of the human family. Or

2)  The dire situation in Black Communities has been socially engineered by wicked political, economic, and social scientists to maintain the order of White Supremacy and Black Inferiority.  Or

3)  A Combination of 1 and 2.

Guidance and Warning from a Man Who has proven his Love for You

I humbly but urgently ask you to accept the guidance and heed the warning of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in today’s time. On August 13th, giving the keynote address at a mass rally in Harlem, N.Y. Minister Farrakhan warned us that, “We are in great trouble as we speak and if our leaders will not tell us and guide us properly then they’re going down and they’ll take us down with them. This is why the Bible says, ‘if the blind lead the blind both fall in the ditch’ and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad said the ditch represents hell and destruction.”

Another excerpt of guidance and warning he gave that great day: “When people are conflicted, where their own personal fears, their personal needs, cause them to mix truth with falsehood, or not speak straight words to those in power, and even to their own people, then those kinds of persons who think more for their own personal security than for the good of a people and a nation and a world: These are enemies masquerading as friends.”

One night during the last mayoral election season, while most of you were in a meeting behind closed doors interviewing the potential “consensus” candidates to represent the Black Community, I spent nearly two hours having a private conversation with a long time aid of one of the members of your caucus. I wanted to know the inside reason of how Richard M. Daley was able to control the City Council with hardly any public display of opposition coming from the City Council’s Black Caucus. To be honest, I was told some things that were very disturbing and reminded me of how good parents discipline their children when trying to get them to behave according to the parents approval.

If what was told me was true, Minister Farrakhan teaches us a way for you and all of our elected officials to get out of this situation, “It’s going to take strength today, in leadership, to not hide the truth; nor mix truth up with falsehood. Don’t seek positions in a government that’s coming down, and then “butter up” truth to advance yourself among a people whose time has come to an end. We must speak truth to power, or die!” the Minister declared according to the August 23, 2011 edition of the Final Call, the newspaper dedicated to the resurrection of the Black man and woman of America and the most widely distributed weekly news periodical owned and operated by Black people in the whole country.

Wouldn’t you agree with the Minister’s statement? If politicians were forced to suffer what their constituents had to suffer, wouldn’t they be on the rooftops demanding an end to this unnecessary madness? If the people are dying from malnutrition, lack of health care, and bloodshed in the streets and the politicians elected to represent them don’t stand up and expose who is blocking legislation that would help mitigate these problems, shouldn’t they be willing to suffer what the people are suffering in their own wards and districts?

So, I am asking you as City Council members to unite and use the resources and intelligence at your disposal and answer these questions regarding the issues plaguing the Black Communities of Chicago:

What is the Real problem and Who is the Real Problem? And be honest with the people of Chicago about Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s initial time in office. In which ways is he contributing to the continuation of the racial problems that existed during Mayor Daley’s tenure? And how has he been a willing participant and partner in facilitating solutions to the problems?

This is crucial because when dealing with societal problems, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches us that, “You can’t have a what if you don’t have a who.  And if you know what the problem is and don’t know who’s producing the problem then you’re still at a lost.  But when you know who, and you know what, and you know why, and you know when, and you know how; then you may be able to get out of that problem and solve it.” 

I understand that the final legislative negotiations and program initiatives to help address the Black Community’s problems will not be dramatized in the public. But dear Black City Council Members, and those who say they are with you, it’s time to show us a sign. Are you independent from Mayor Emanuel’s administration and committed to serving the best interests of the wards you represent? Will you stand up for justice and demand concrete solutions and funding to begin alleviating these societal issues plaguing your communities? Will you let those on the battlefield of Justice know what and who gets in the way of your just causes? Or will you continue to accept insufficient crumbs from Mayor Emanuel’s table in the same rations Mr. Daley dished out?

It’s time to galvanize our people and organize the troops for a civilized assault on the system of White supremacy that runs this city. We cannot afford to paralyze the growth and development of Black Communities with this poison any longer. We must develop and execute the strategy to locate, isolate and eliminate White Supremacy out of politics, economics, education, and all fields of human endeavor.  And even more than that.  If Black people are to remain in this City, for the sake of our children and generations to come we must drive the White Supremacists out of the City of Chicago! This is the Time and What Must Be Done.

In closing, I mentioned in my introduction that I’m a citizen of the Nation of Islam.  I want to be very clear that I’m writing this message as a private citizen and have no authority to speak on behalf of Minister Louis Farrakhan.  I pray that God, His Christ and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan are pleased with my wording.  I feel encouraged because just now, as I’m using my limited editing skills to prepare the finalization of this post, I received a text message on my phone from the Official Twitter account of Minister Farrakhan @louisfarrakhan.  It reads: “If you say you believe in God or Christ, then demonstrate that by fearless, unwavering steadfastness in the pursuit of Justice.”

I know I’m not acquainted with any of you on a personal basis so I pray that God enables you to keep an open heart and mind long enough to realize the reasoning and intent of my choice to make this an “open” instead of private message to you.  I’m simply a strategist putting on the full armor of God and marching towards the battlefield for Justice and would like to know if you are allies in the Cause to resurrect Chicago’s Black Communities. I and many like me are simply looking for a sign.

Together on the Straight Path to Truth, Freedom and Justice

Brother Aaron X

Director, BlackXodus Development Corporation





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